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Floor Cassette Systems


Floor Cassette Systems

  • Precision Design & Fabrication
  • Reduction in Construction Programming
  • Savings in Erection and Skilled Labour on-site Costs
  • Colli have a proven track record in supplying modular floor cassettes for the WA building industry

First in WA

Colli Truss and Frame are the first Western Australian timber and building supplier to offer the unique Floor Cassette System to the WA building industry.

Unique Floor Cassette Systems

Floor Cassette Systems are a fast and safe method of structural erection that results in a significant reduction in construction programing and in turn development costs. Floor Cassette Systems are lighter than reinforced concrete so mobile cranes can be used to erect the cassette panels, which results in substantial savings in both the erection process and skilled labour costs. Floor Cassette Systems are a versatile building system that offers engineers and architects flexibility in design with long spans and the ability to use the panels for all floor assembly types just by varying the panel thickness. Floor Cassette Systems also offer substantial environmental benefits such as long-term carbon absorption through the utilisation of timber.


Floor Cassette Systems are a flexible and light-weight building system that allows for long spans for floor construction. The panels are precision designed and fabricated in accordance with your specification.

Set Downs

Wet area and balcony set downs can be incorporated into the Floor Cassette Systems which saves even further on site labour and fabrication time.

Service Integration

The unique design of the TecBeam floor joist allows for the services to be incorporated within the construction depth of the Floor Cassette Systems. This service integration significantly reduces the overall construction depth of the overall system and in turn maximises floor to ceiling heights.

Detailed Design and Drafting

The Floor Cassette System utilises a detailed design and drafting service which ensures that every component of the cassette system is incorporated into the overall design of the project. Coordination with the supporting structure, architectural layout and service design is carried out prior to the fabrication of the cassettes which ensures that a seamless installation process is achieved on site. Engineering design and certification of the Floor Cassette Systems can also be provided if required. So whatever the project requirement is, you can be sure that Colli Truss and Frame can handle the job, leaving you to concentrate on more pressing issues. Contact Colli Truss and Frame today to discuss your next building project.

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Our Range

  • Batu 140 x 25 reeded
  • Batu 90 x 19 reeded
  • Jarrah 85 x 20 reeded
  • Jarrah 130 x 20 smooth
  • Jarrah 85 x 20 smooth
  • Kapur 140 x 22 smooth
  • Kapur 90 x 19 reeded
  • Merbau 140 x 19 raw
  • Merbau 90 x 19 raw
  • Pacific Jarrah 90 x 19
  • Pelawan 90 x 19 reeded
  • Red Ironbark 90 x 19
  • Red Ironbark 135 x 19
  • Silver Top 90 x 22 smooth
  • Silver Top 140 x 22
  • Spotted Gum 86 x 19 smooth
  • Spotted Gum 136 x 19 smooth
  • Swift Deck Jarrah 65 x 20
  • Treated Pine 90 x 22 reeded
Australian Timber Varieties

Australian Timber Varieties

  • Silver Top
  • Spotted Gum
  • Red Ironbark
  • Jarrah
  • Treated Pine
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Exotic Timber Varieties

Exotic Timber Varieties

  • Batu
  • Kapur
  • Pelawan
  • Cypress Pine
  • Merbau
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Composite Decking

Composite Decking

Colli supplies and installs stylish, hard wearing, warp resistant and eco-friendly composite decking products which are ideal for clients who are looking for a high-quality environmentally friendly solution that looks like real wood and enhances the aesthetics of any location.

  • No splinters, warping, splitting or twisting
  • Termite /white ant resistant
  • Mould and mildew resistant
  • Low maintenance and Easy to install
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Privacy Screening

Privacy Screening

Providing the perfect accompaniment to any timber deck or pergola, stylish and functional fence screens not only look good but can increase security and safety. Colli Outdoor Solutions can supply and install all kinds of privacy screening.

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Timber Lining

Timber Lining

The best way to complement timber decking beneath the roof of a covered alfresco dining area or patio is to clad the underside of the roof with a rich, warm timber lining. Colli Outdoor Solutions can supply timber lining boards and install them to the 'ceiling' of your patio to provide that surrounded-by-timber feeling.

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Custom Designs

Custom Designs

If you want to make your outdoor area and garden look really special through the use of custom built timber features, Colli Outdoor Solutions can also design, supply and install steps up to your decking, timber feature walls, pool surrounds, day beds and isolated decking areas away from the patio. Let your imagination run wild then tell us what you see!.

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