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Trade Rewards Terms & Conditions

1.1. Definitions
In these Terms and Conditions:
"Colli Trade Rewards" means Cardoso Pty Ltd (ACN 008 734 003, ABN 16008734003) trading as Colli Timber and Hardware; "Eligible Transactions" means any purchase of timber products or hardware lines by a Member at any Colli Timber and Hardware store; "Member" means a customer of Colli Timber and Hardware who has a current trading account and who has been invited by Colli Timber and Hardware to participate in the Programme; "Prizes" means the prizes offered to Members for accumulating Reward Points at the levels nominated by Colli Trade Rewards and described in the list attached to the Terms and Conditions; "Reward Point" means one reward point for every One Dollar of the purchase price of any Eligible Transactions after excluding any discount and GST; "Reward Points Account" means the Colli Trade Rewards Reward Points Account in which the Member shall accrue Reward Points by participating in the Programme; "Programme" means the rewards programme offered by Colli Trade Rewards as described in these year commencing 1 July 2010 and each year thereafter while the programme continues.

2.1. Participation
Colli Trade Rewards reserves the right to refuse membership. Participation consists of a member identifying him or herself as a Member when making purchases of Eligible Transactions and thereby collecting Reward Points. By participating in the Programme a Member agrees to comply with these Terms and Conditions and gives the authorisations and acknowledgements set out below. The minimum spend to qualify for the Colli Trade Rewards Programme is $6,000 per financial year (July-June). All trade accounts are on strictly 30 day terms.

3.1. Accumulation of Reward Points
Colli Trade Rewards will determine from time to time purchases of which goods are Eligible Transactions. Reward Points may be cancelled by Colli Trade Rewards where any Eligible Transaction is cancelled or modified in whole or in part by a Member. The cancellation of Reward Points may occur at any stage, whether or not the Reward Points may previously have been redeemed. Rewards Points accrue in the Member's name only and are personal to that Member. Rewards Points are not transferable to any other person and are not redeemable or convertible for cash. Members can determine their current Rewards Points level at any time by logging onto colli.com.au Compiled Reward Points may be used to acquire Prizes.

4.1. Duration and Loss of Reward Points
Reward Points can only be earned by the Master Member and any additional linked cards. Reward Points that are earned are held in the Member's Reward Points Account. Reward Points which are not redeemed by 31 July 2014 will automatically lapse and will be forfeited. Upon ceasing to be a Member, the Member ceases to be eligible to participate in the Programme and any remaining Reward Points balance will be forfeited. Colli Trade Rewards reserve the right to suspend or exclude a Member from participating or continuing to participate in the Programme if in the opinion of Colli Trade Rewards the Member has in any way breached these Terms and Conditions, or acted in a misleading or fraudulent manner in relation to the Programme; or acted in a manner inconsistent with the object and intent of the Programme or contrary to the best interests of the Programme. Colli Trade Rewards may in its discretion cancel all Reward Points which have accrued to a Member if their right to participate in the Programme is suspended or excluded. Where a Member registers for the Programme the commencement date of membership will be the lst day of the month following registration. Only Reward Points accumulated after the commencement date of membership will be valid.

5.1. Reward Points Redemption
Reward Points earned during the Year will accumulate. Whenever the balance reaches the levels nominated by Colli Trade Rewards the Member qualifies for the Prizes nominated for that level only and is subject to any change by Colli Trade Rewards (if any). The minimum number of Reward Points to qualify for the Programme is 6,000. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash. Each Prize is made out to the specific Member and is for their personal use only. At the time of applying for a Prize the Member will be requested to show identification. Members may be asked for further identification. Prizes remain valid until the expiry date shown on the terms and conditions for the relevant Prize and then lapse. Prizes cannot be re-issued or replaced if they lapse. Prizes issued are in full and final satisfaction of all obligations of Colli Trade Rewards to the Member in respect of relevant Reward Points. Once Reward Points have been redeemed by the issue of a Prize, they cannot be transferred back to a Member's Reward Points Account. In order to be eligible for a Prize a Member must have accumulated at least 40% of the Reward Points in the Year 2014 and not less than 1 Reward Point more than the number of Reward Points required for the level of a Prize, nominated by the Member at the time the Member redeems the Reward Points. A Member is not permitted to make additional Eligible Transactions to obtain a higher level of Prize from that claimed at the time the Member redeems his or her Reward Points.

6.1. Conditions on Redeeming Rewards
Colli Trade Rewards may, without notice, withdraw Prizes or substitute any Prize for another reward of comparable value and nature. All correspondence will be forwarded by post or email to the Member's last known address identified by Membership records. If a Member fails to notify Colli Trade Rewards of a change of address and as a result a Prize is lost or mislaid, no replacement Prize will be issued and the Reward Points will not be re-credited to the Member's Rewards Points Account. Members will be required to pay for additional charges if reservations are made within 30 days of travel. Member reservations for trips paid by Colli Trade Rewards and cancelled by the Member, after tickets have been issued, cannot be exchanged for another Prize. The Member travelling must be the authorised Member, designated business associate of the Member which received the Prize or an immediate family member. Members are responsible for local, state or international taxes on any holiday Prizes. All Prizes comprising of electrical goods must be collected by the Member within 7 days of the date the Member redeemed his or her Prize. All Prizes comprising Special Sporting Events are subject to availability and the Special Sporting Events proceeding and must be booked by the Member not later than the 31 July 2014. All Prizes comprising holidays may not be redeemed for dates which are either school or public holidays in Western Australia or during the month of December.

7.1. Disclaimer
Colli Trade Rewards has no responsibility to any Member or any recipient of a Prize or reward for any liability whatsoever that may arise from the Programme, other than expressed in these Terms and Conditions. Colli Trade Rewards will take all reasonable care to ensure that information it publishes in relation to Rewards is accurate, but does not accept any liability relating to information provided by third parties. Colli Trade Rewards does not accept any liability whatsoever with respect to the terms imposed in respect of Prizes supplied by third parties; any death or injury or consequential loss or damage arising from the issue or use of a Prize; the loss of a Prize as a result of the conduct of a third party; and the supplier of a Prize refusing to accept a Prize; and excludes all warranties and representations whether oral or written of any nature whatsoever except those as are unable to be excluded by law. These Terms and Conditions are subject to all relevant laws, governmental directions or court orders. All images used by Colli Trade Rewards in promoting the Colli Trade Rewards Rewards Account in the Programme are for illustration purposes only and do not represent actual Prizes.

8.1. Taxation
Colli Trade Rewards do not accept any responsibility in respect of taxation issue or liability arising from the aggregation of Rewards Points or the redemption of Prizes or rewards or otherwise with respect to participation. Members are solely responsible for the tax treatment of Prizes redeemed. Colli Trade Rewards gives no warranty and accepts no responsibility as to the taxation treatment of personal or business related Prizes or rewards.

9.1. General
Colli Trade Rewards may at any time at its discretion suspend or terminate the Programme or cancel, change or substitute the rewards by giving notice to Members. Any unredeemed Rewards Points will be cancelled and be null and void. No Rewards Points can be accumulated while the Programme is suspended or if it is terminated. Colli Trade Rewards reserve the right to vary these Terms and Conditions from time to time. Members will be given prior notice of any change which is not to the benefit of Members. Any notice in respect of the Programme or otherwise under these Terms and Conditions will be deemed to have been given if printed in the Western Australian newspaper. Colli Trade Rewards may license an agent or contractor to carry out all or part of the operation  of the Programme  on it's behalf.  Members who participate in the Programme consent to Colli Trade Rewards supplying any agent or contractor with such information from their Membership files as is required for those agents to perform their duties. Any dispute concerning the goods and services for which Prizes are redeemed must be settled between the service/goods suppliers and the Member. Notwithstanding clause 9.1, Colli Trade Rewards may at any time in its sole and absolute discretion suspend or terminate the Programme with or without notice to Members in the event of an event of force majeure (being acts or omissions outside or beyond reasonable control of Colli Trade Rewards).

10.1. Privacy Act
If a Member participates in the Programme, by using their card or quoting their Membership number to collect Rewards Points, personal information will be collected about that Member. The information will be gathered and stored by or for Colli Trade Rewards to detail the manner, timing and pattern of collection of Rewards Points, the buying/spending patterns of Members, and associated transactional data. The information will be available for use by Colli Trade Rewards and its agents. The information is being collected and held on behalf of Colli Trade Rewards, and the Member it concerns may access and request correction of this information under the Privacy Act. By participating in the Programme, the Member accepts these terms, and grants permission to the collection and use of their personal information as set out above, and the disclosure of such information to others as Colli Trade Rewards considers appropriate for the purposes of operation of the Programme and for marketing purposes.

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