As we’re sure you know, the Colli Install Team is well underway on the Katanning Seven House Project and it is amazing to see just how much our team can achieve in a single day.

While this proves how quickly things can get moving when they are well planned, it also clearly demonstrates the many benefits of having a timber frame.

One of the most technologically advanced and sustainable forms of construction available today, timber frames are high-quality, reduce overall build costs and shorten build times. Approximately 70% of the developed world’s population live in timber frame houses and its popularity in Western Australia is on the increase. Every day, more builders, developers, and homeowners are discovering the advantages, including:

  • Speed of build
  • Offsite manufacturing in a controlled environment
  • Not weather dependent
  • Finished goods are assured and factory checked
  • Lightweight structures – often savings in foundations
  • Reduction in ‘design lead-in’ time and reduced risk of error.